Deputy Director, Georgetown Climate Center

Kathryn Zyla is Deputy Director of the Georgetown Climate Center. She oversees staff research and policy analysis and facilitates multi-state dialogues on critical issues such as multi-state emissions trading and low-carbon transportation policies. As part of these efforts, she leads the Center’s work supporting the Transportation and Climate Initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Her own research focuses on state and federal renewable energy policies, public utility regulation relating to clean energy and electric vehicles, legal issues related to the deployment of microgrids, market-based policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, and “opt-in” trading-ready approaches under the Clean Power Plan. She previously served as Director of Research and Policy Analysis for the Climate Center, Senior Associate in the Climate and Energy Program at the World Resources Institute, and Senior Research Fellow for Domestic Policy at the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. She earned a BS in Engineering from Swarthmore College, a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry, and a JD from Georgetown Law.